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If you’re looking for a private dining room in Littleborough, Rochdale, for your birthday party, christening, wedding venue, childrens party or special occasion, 'The Winter Cabin' in Greater Manchester is a set in our terrace garden at the side of our restaurant with a private seating garden & entrance.


The Winter Cabin is a perfect size for small intimate parties looking for something special, creating a memorable space for gatherings of friends, family & colleagues.

We will also be holding themed nights in there i.e. gin tasting, cheese & wine, cocktail making & food tasting etc, any ideas from our customers are always welcome.


The cuisine can be either choosen from our menus or you can always speak to our chefs, who would love to create more bespoke dishes.

Our team can also suggest wine pairings that are tailored to your choice of menu.

To book The Winter Cabin for a Private Dining event,

please email

or call us on 01706376250 

Please specify any allergens or dietary needs when making your booking.

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