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Are Vegans going to take over..

A new trend has exploded onto the scene, well its not that new but theres a definite movement.

In all my years as a chef, 26 years in july, feel slightly old now haha... I have been part of a chef mentality of meat, veg, potatoes & sauce, there has always been vegetarian choices but vegans were more of a challenge. For me during busy shifts you get into auto pilot & get a move on, then when a waiter brings the check in with vegetarian & vegan dishes on, your like oh god!. Through change these moments are now quite interesting & take you out of your comfort zone, for me now being prepared in vegetarian & vegan dishes is key, I'm always looking for the next dish to offer, whether its a dessert, taster dish or main. So let the excitement continue & lets support it.

A change in a chefs attitude, theres not been many who hasn't complained about it "vegans"... me included! but our love for the job is to create & please people "no matter what". So the easy option of putting meat with everything, yes there's vegetables & potatoes on the plate but also to be open minded and try new things... thats the interesting challenge ahead.


Polenta & orange cake

Been a very popular dessert for us this winter, it is light & moist. We can't wait to make our vegan dessert menu more varied - we have a customer who keeps asking me for a vegan crumble, so this week i will be making a blueberry & apple crumble using pure oats, hazelnuts & maple syrup...hope it goes down well... to be honest I'm not vegan but i can't wait to try it.

With the increasing knowledge & the advance technologies to separate & produce amazing ingredients, I believe there is a change for every sort of cooking, vegan or not, on its way...

The trend as is said, may not be a trend, it could be that people are understanding whats what and that they want to look after theirselves better & the mass produced products are in for a tough ride.


Vegan Moussaka Stack

Baked courgettes, red peppers, chick peas & pine nuts layered between pre-griddled aubergine slices & a garlic passata.

An excellent choice & one of my favourites, we provide vegetarians with a vegetarian feta salad on top, great for the warmer months


Our vegan early diners menu changes once a month with specials from the board available every week, please let our team know of your requirements.

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