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Small plates vs Large plates

A small plate revolution has taken us by storm recently, across the world it has always been there. A healthy & fun way to eat.

Has the set course procedure finished or is it a fade...

For me being a chef its an easy choice, order lots of small plates & try as many flavours as possible, simple! wins every time.

Why have one great dish when you can have five? That’s the sentiment behind small plates. From spanish to even british, small plates are taking over menus worldwide.  And why not? No one wants to go to a great restaurant and sample a fraction of the menu. Small plates not only give customers a chance to explore & customizing their own menus, they give us restaurant owners & chefs more creative flexibility.

Think of it as fashion. Each plate is part of a collection, a chance to experiment & create new exciting dishes. And it’s not just your typical tapas anymore, virtually every ethnic cuisine has a form of small plates & sharing experience. From an Italian Mezze, to Chinese Dim Sum, to South Asian street fare, small plates are prevalent all over the world.

Next time you’re in the mood for variety, look at our growing sharing board menu or ask for smaller sized main course dishes to sample our cuisine.

Let the experience begin.

Gardeners Plank For the last year we have been offering a unique board to share for vegans, vegetarians & G/Free customers. The "Gardeners Plank" has taken on a few new forms, but the essence has not changed. Fresh, ethnic & enjoyable for 2 persons but recently more customers feast on it as individuals... don't blame them really... the cumin carrots have been marinated and roasted with cumin & spinach, the garlic mushrooms are slow cooked with garlic & olive oil, the sweet potato fries are crispy & flavoursome...ill stop there, come and try it for yourselves with a glass of wine or fresh cocktail & enjoy the experience.


Not sure about sharing..

I'm a sucker for this, I don't really like sharing my food, what I order is mine & enjoy it, but if my wife lisa has something I want I can't resist but to ask "can i try that it looks proper tasty", depending on the moment its a yes or no... can't be the only one out there who operates this way. I open my arms & barrier my food so no-one can get it haha... maybe times have to change, its baby steps for me...

Think of it as fashion. Each plate is part of a collection. And it’s not just your typical tapas anymore.

Like sharing..

Working hard on ensuring that there is enough choice for our customers & also the right balance of different flavours that don't over power each other... each dish should carry the same amount of respect.

Our new editions for spring into summer on the sharing board (you don't have to share if you don't want to haha)

- Curried meatballs on a mango chutney

- Pil pil mushrooms with garlic & chilli

- Sticky chicken wings in a maple syrup, bourbon sauce

- Duck spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce

- Black pudding & chorizo bon bons

- Crispy vegetable with a curry mayonnaise

& theres more, have a look at our menu...

Its a great deal with plenty of choice


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Tried the Gardeners plank it was fantastic

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