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March Seasonal Produce

With spring on us now, everything begins to come alive again...

You feel the buzz on the markets, its alive again and the warmer months are coming so a lot of preparation has to be done to cope with a (hopefully) a sudden change in climate.

Soup For March -

Curried Parsnip Soup with garlic naan & fennel seeds

Pineapples & Bananas

Coming into their own are pineapples they are at their prime in march, why not try pineapple soaked in rum and frittered, served with vanilla ice cream or mango sorbet...#pineapplerum #getinmybelly

Day at the market - Recently we took a day trip into malaga and strolled around their indoor market, perfect for later on as the days are warm but the nights get chilly. You can see the produce that'll probably be imported into england and its great, the colours are bright and theres an air of life again. Theres not much better than relaxing eating & drinking....a few cervezas here, a few local vines there and trying out seasonal taster menus from the variety of stalls... yer its a good life!!

Eat your greens

broccoli, kale cabbage, peas, beans, asparagus, spinach, savoy cabbage etc etc... theres so much goodness to buy!

Roasted carrot & sweet potatoes in a crushed garlic, thyme olive oil

Quick & easy accessory for any dish, it is vegan, vegetarian & gluten free.... meat lovers can also have it !

- Blanch your carrots & sweet potatoes till al dente, drain & place in a tray with olive oil & thyme. Now your peeled garlic cloves are best softened first so it won't take too long to flavour everything...being at home you can use a microwave for 30 seconds or steam them over the pan in a strainer when blanching the carrots etc.

Quantities of ingredients like garlic are personnel preference, so alittle or alot is down to you and how much you enjoy them,,,

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